Manufacturing of Re-Usable Components

Dear all,

I’m trying to assess the feasibility of implementing erpnext in drinking water manufacturing of 20Ltrs in re-usable Jar. Purified water being packed in 20 Ltrs water Jar and sold in that format. But after consumption, empty water Jars are returned back to factory. Mention-able that these water Jars are like company assets.

My Issue:
I wanted to include this jar as BOM item. but how to return back the empty Jar to factory for re-use or re-pack in erpnext?? OR is their any option, erpnext allows to handle such situation??? as these jar are assets if we do not include these in BOM item how to manage the movement of these jars in erpnext??

Would appreciate if any one can help me to address this issue.


Its best to use the Jars as Serial Nos.

We are hoping to clean-up Serial No soon so that you can receive it back and re-use it.

Thanks a lot. look forward to the solution.