Manufacturing Roles missing in v8 Install

I have 2 installations of v8 on Ubuntu 16.04 (different servers) and both are missing the standard Manufacturing User and Manufacturing Manager roles.

In one BOM Item and BOM Browser is visible but a created BOM cannot be submitted as the button is not available.

In Production Order list the New button is not visible.

Any ideas what’s happening?

Seems to be working fine in test account. Could it be due to user permissions or module access to the users.


Thanks for you response.

I was going to paste my Roles list in User account but just checked the Role List and both roles were Disabled seemingly by default since I set up the instance myself.

:innocent: Phew! was worried for a bit there. Many thanks

I see in my ERPs, that the Manufacturing User Role was disabled, probably by an update (since for sure I did not disabled it manually on all instances.)

The Role permissions for Production Order were still on Manufacturing User. Would be interesting to know, what happened.

I am also getting same error , there is no NEW button in production order . Please help.

see this I have no "new" button in Production Order, and cannot create a Production Order from any attempt - #7 by clarkej

I am not getting the field Production Planning Tool in manufacturing , please help me . Production Planning Tool is disappeared .

I got about the production planning tool