Manufacturing - Work Order Operations cannot be edited

When creating a Work Order using a BOM with Operations, I am not able to edit the Operations within the Work Order, the grid is readonly. Is this expected ?
Is there any settings to allow editing Operations coming from the BOM within the Work Order ?

My use-case is to define BOM with Operations, without specifying the Workstation within the BOM. The Workstation would be selected when creating the Work Order. Right now saving the Work Order gives me an error stating the Workstation is required on each Operation rows, but the Workstation field is not editable in the Work Order Operation detail form… in fact all fields are readonly in this form.

I have System Manager role.

Given more thoughts on this, and what I’m really looking for is a way to define BOM operations with a Workstation type (not a specific workstation, but a Type that would contains all workstations capable of doing this operation).

Then a Production Plan or Work Order, would determine the specific Workstation to use based on capacity (existing jobs) of all capable workstations.

The Workstation could be overridden in the Work Order operations.

Is that feature available or in the plan ?