Many font colors are too light for white background

The font colors in many places are way too light for a white background. It is difficult to read the text. This has been a complaint from many people I try to introduce ERPNext to. I am not saying I want pure black on white, I just think the color needs to be much darker, like #333 maybe.

With the colors shown in the screenshot below (#8D99A6 light blueish grey text on pure white #FFF background), that is a contrast ratio of 2.9:1. This contrast ratio is way below the absolute minimum ratio in W3C, ANSI, and ISO standards

See screenshot for example:

Please fix this so that we can all see the amazing piece of open-source software that ERPnext is truly thrive.


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Completely agree !!

Brought this point up a year ago and have even paid developers to fix it in some modules for me so it can be used by older people as a cash register. They complained they could not read the screen fields and therefore could not use the system. I had no choice but to pay for the fix in the POS module.

Likewise, I avoid showing it to businesses that are highly regulated by OSHA

It seems the developers are not taking an interest in how well the screen can be seen by users.


I posted about this a while back. Feedback from forum users suggested good interest.
1: A visual setting/preference located in the User drop down menu
2: A visual setting/preference located in the System Settings DocType
Settings should include:
Current UI - Default
Mid Contrast UI
High Contrast Visually Impaired UI

Current Font Size - default
Mid Font Size
Large Font Size

@joelios made this excellent app:

If overriding the frappe core .CSS using the method employed by @joelios is the most overhead efficient, Then we should try to find Dev’s to expand on it.

What would the core team recommend ?
ERPNext System Settings DocType override or an App based override ?
Do we override the .CSS or add/modify the core .CSS?