Many How To... questions


I am trying to configure ERPNext for a firm which is involved in purchasing Milk, Dairy Products and Vegetables on large scale and then sells them to their customers.

Currently this firm has a Mobile App that they are asking their customers to install on their smart phones. The app is used for registering new customers, receiving payments from customers and customer has to place their orders through this mobile app only.

I want to understand as to how I to configure ERPNext in this scenario.

The firms working is as follows:

They register customers and sell them coupons. This registration is done through their already existing mobile app. Here as the customers are purchasing coupons they are effectively paying for what they will consume in advance.

So I think here I need to created an Account called Customer Coupons and Advances under Current Liabilities. Is this the right?

They have divided the geographical area in several zones as they are operating in one single city only. They have assigned 1 vehicle and two delivery persons to each zone and this vehicle is used for delivery.

Now every morning they have to load the delivery vehicles for each zone based on orders given by customer on previous day. Currently they are doing this manually by maintaining a spreadsheet.

Here I am not able to understand as to how can we configure ERNext so that is can generate and print a Picking like of all the items ordered by various customers in a particular zone. Can someone please guide me here.

One more question customers are placing their orders on the firm’s mobile app so I will have to build some way by which the orders placed by customers can be entered in ERPNext automatically. Any ideas as to how we can do this?

Lastly new customers are registered in the system through the firm’s mobile app. So here also will have to develop some sort of API using which the mobile app can enter newly resisted customer in ERPNext. Please guide as to how I can go about doing this.


Yogi Yang