Many2many Relation Table

Hello @Chandresh_Thakkar @NCP @mincerray @Ponnusamy_V

I am new on ErpNext. for kind information I am odoo developer and now i am comparing odoo and erpnext technical stuff.
I tried dynamic link but its takes only one relation at a time but i want many2many relation.
For example :
One Student can participate in many Events
and one event have many student.

can any one suggest me.
how can i achieved this kind of stuff?


Please reply @NCP




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Need to use a child table with a Link field in it, as in the example by @NCP .

One classic example too is the Sales Invoice in the standard ERPNext. A Sales Invoice can have multiple different items (through child table with Link field referencing the Item DocType), and an Item can be added into multiple different Sales Invoices.