Mapping against Sales Order page when we put item code automates item tax template and sales taxes

Hiiii Teams In ERPNext Version 14 , how to find location of source code for sales order page where we put item code , automatically they fetch item tax template and taxes and chargers sections, how to know about that mapping and routing if that page works , I want to understand source code file which may be .js file or .py file, please help me to find that particular location where they connect in erpnext v14, so i can easily debug code

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/apps/erpnext/erpnext/stock/ perhaps?

It may be wise to describe the issue you wish to ‘debug’ prior to altering the code.

Thanks for reply
i am not going to debug right now , i just want to understand how mapping of erpnext sales order page done, how they automatically fetch item tax template and taxes and charges section filled automatically

Anyone tell me when we use chrome dev debugger to debug erpnext js file , its automatically hit on a point where we did not applied breakpoint and ui based sales order page stuck so what to do in that scenario

No , i can check This is not the actual location of the file , please again check to find its location

The Firefox Browser Tools, Web developer Tools, debugger has a search function that may be useful. Again, describing the issue you are trying to solve may bring help as well.

thanks buddy for answering