Mapping shipping costs paid by the company to Sales Order


The shipping charges of some of the sales and purchases are borne by the company. So I need to consider that for product profitability reports. Looks like this is nicely handled for purchase using ‘Landed Cost Voucher’. However I haven’t managed to find anything similar for the sales side. There were couple of related questions in the past, but without an answer. If anyone has looked at this and/or know a better way of dealing this, I would really appreciate your response.



If shipping charges are borned by the Company, you must be creating separate Purchase Invoice for it. Also, you should maintain separate Cost Center for tracking profitabilty from Travelling expense. You can use the Cost Center in the Purchase Item, with the transportation item. If you are also adding transportation charges in the Sales Invoice, under Sales Taxes and Charges table, you can link a Cost Center of transportation for it.

For the cost center report, check Profitability report in the Accounts module.

Thanks @umair,
I assume putting transportation charges in the sales invoice is not an option for the charges borne by the company. Please let me know if that assumption is wrong.
Creating purchase invoice for the transport would help in recording the transport charges, however they are not linked to the sales invoice neither they update the valuation rate of the item being sold. So it wouldn’t help finding the exact profitability of the sales item. Lets say an item X is being sold for Rs 10 and has a transport cost of 5,000 for 10,000 units for cust A. Transport for the same item costs Rs2000 for 10,000 units for cust B. I am wondering if there is any way of finding the profitability already built in in erpnext?