Maria db query issue


I am stuck in some Maria DB SQL query operation.

In my DB, there are multiple tables.

Now I want to check the records of the tables. So, I just entered into mysql with a bench --site site_name mysql command.

Then with using show tables, I am able to see all my tables.

Now if I am using a query like select * from tabUser; then it gives me the list of records.

But if I am using the table ref of select * from tabDelivery Note; then it gives me error like “ERROR 1146 (42S02): Table ‘bb2a99158c8f167e.tabDelivery’ doesn’t exist”.

So, What should I do to check my records of delivery note table?
Thank You.

Use backticks

select * from tabDelivery Note

Ohh Yes done.
Thank You so much @felix