Mariadb Data-at-Rest Encryption with ERPNext

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Now to the subject at hand, Encryption…

There has been no open documentation in respect of the defacto #database #encryption standards incorporated

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Data-at-Rest Encryption Overview - MariaDB Knowledge Base

Encryption Key Management - MariaDB Knowledge Base

File Key Management Encryption Plugin - MariaDB Knowledge Base

AWS Key Management Encryption Plugin - MariaDB Knowledge Base

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Key Management Service (KMS) Encryption Plugin Setup Guide - MariaDB Knowledge Base

  • Documentation on ERPNext Database Encryption Framework and Deployment
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Any news on that one. It would be great to see such documentation and examples.

This has nothing specific to do with Frappe/ERPNext. You can configure mariadb to enable encryption. You’ve linked plenty of docs for it.

For backups use the inbuilt backup encryption which does symmetric encryption; or use mariabackup.

Keep in mind that if you lose the encryption key then :skull:

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thank you.