Mariadb service is not running

Issue: The Maridib service stops running frequently
I am running erpnext on localhost on my device, and I am constantly faced with the problem of stopping the mariadb service…
Often, I have to restart the VM.
This is getting very annoying, and I’m afraid of losing my data.

What is the cause of this problem, and how can I overcome it?
If someone can help me, I will be very grateful…

When I try to execute the command: bench migrate
I am getting this message which is shown in the picture…


See what the output of: sudo journalctl -eu mariadb reports. Maybe a clue will appear there. There are other logs that might help.


What Host OS are you running?
Which VM app?

Have you checked that the VM has enough disk space and memory, since both these limits will cause mariadb to stop/fail?
You might also need to check the integrity of the tables, but the suggestion from smino above is the best start point

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OS is windows10

Ok, I’ll take that into consideration…
thanks YOU brother…