Mark location on geolocation map from latitude and longitude value

Hello, I want to mark the location on the geolocation map from latitude and longitude values. i have a doctype named live location with 4 fields -
1)user – link field with user field name is — user
2)latitude – data field – field name is — latitude
3)longitude – data field – field name is— longitude
4)location - geolocation field.

when I put the value of latitude and longitude it automatically mark on the map. (geolocation)
please help me to solve this.
– will be done server script or custom script for this ??? and what will it ?
any help will be appreciated.

Have you found any solutions?

In client Script you can use:[frm.doc.latitude, frm.doc.longitude], 13);

Name of Geolocation field (Map): location
Name of Latitude field: latitude
Name of Longitude field: longitude

The issue I observed however is that the map always returns to the default view after Saving