Marketing and SEO Wiki for Contributors

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Here is a list of activities for Marketing and SEO.
Please don’t add any comment for discussion. For discussion use [Discussion] Marketing ERPNext to drive major growth - #4 by chabito79

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How you can contribute even if you are not a developer?

  1. Star a github repository.
    Login into → open below link and click on star.
    GitHub - frappe/frappe: Low code web framework for real world applications, in Python and Javascript
    GitHub - frappe/erpnext: Free and Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  2. Do you use twitter?
    Join ERPNext twitter handler

  3. Do you use ERPNext in your’s country language? Help to improve translation.

  4. Do you want to meet other developers and users in ERPNext community?
    Join member list and visit meet up at near you.

  5. Do you want quick answer to all your query?
    Help answering others question in discuss forum and build credibility.

  6. Support the Foundation by becoming a member

  7. Hire a developer to develop the functionality you find missing in ERPNext and help us make ERPNext the best ERP for SMBs

  8. If you are creative and like to experiment with colors, layouts & designs contribute by helping design team for UI Design/ Mobile Responsive UI and Email Alert UI


Used ERPNext? Please add a review!


Want to meet ERPNext Developer and User? Join community near you.

Meetup Link



Mumbai, India

Pune, India

Bangalore, India

Jakarta, Indonesia



Guatemala, Guatemala

Bay Area, California


Shanghai, China

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Marketing Team goal and Task:

  • Form Team for marketing [In Progress]
    Join marketing group at erpnextmktg/Lobby - Gitter

  • List out review sites, and encourage user to put reviews.[Done]
    You can edit above topic to add review site

  • Add volunteer for Twitter and social media handler

  • Get community involved in marketing, by giving some user or developer training via webinar
    Previous webinar videos

  • Enable guest blog in and encourage user to write their experience with ERPNext

  • Merchandise ERPNext (Make some T-shirt, Cup, Diary and sale it in meet ups without any profit)
    Add buying link/ Donate fund for T-Shirt, Cup, This merchandise can be distributed in Meetup [Suggestion]

  • Make marketing collateral (in multiple languages)

  • Identify small business blogs who can write about ERPNext and guest post on them

  • Like / Retweet ERPNext messages on social media

  • Setup and maintain an Adwords account and make plan for targeting specific domains / territories on Adwords (make a presentation to the foundation it)

  • Write Case Studies on ERPNext Implimentation


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