Marketing Materal For the ERP

This is by no means finished or anything of that nature and there is more work to be done ti the document. However it is my hope that sharing this with the community will allow for more collaboration and sharing of marketing material. Here is the link


Okay but thats like a contract not a marketing tool

@comserver_media that is the material we send to customers to let them about the erp and how we do business. We have a separate contract. I am looking to start and build a few pamphlets and a booklet.

@woakes070048 maybe we can have a separate repo for marketing material the community can use to start selling erpnext. Will try and get this done :wink:

@rmehta that is one area i am fairly strong in so let me know the best way to help. I also remember seeing stories that you had written and I thought that would make a for a great brochure


Good work.

@rmehta: has the repo for marketing materials been set up yet? If so, could you please share the link to it?

Thank you.

@gvyshnya This is what i just made this afternoon. It would be nice if the community does want and has a need for this. Right now it has been done using microsoft office but i am guessing that it would work with libreoffice.

Note I have uploaded a pdf mostly because one of the images have been done in viso but once that is fixed i will upload the orginal files upon completion.