Marketing of Erpnext generated website

The possibility to built a website,cart, webforms etc are great features. Users of Erpnext using this functionality are certainly interested in the marketing of their website with offering of their product or services. For self-hosted users of Erpnext there are little problems, for the hosted users of Erpnext marketing is a kind of restricted.
Google Tag manager allows the management of tags without the need to paste tags in the source code of pages.
Under website settings a possibility to enter (similar to Google Analytics) the Google Tag Manager and possibly a “selector” on every webpage with an “enable/disable” would greatly enhance the possibilities of site marketing / SEO.
Also: Marketing to website built with Erpnext · Issue #3885 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

Hi, let me take this up again…Got a mail from Google Adworks that i sh(c)ould set up “conversion tracking” …A piece of JS is to be pasted in the page to be tracked…That is not possible yet…I believe…
Could this be done with some generic JS pasted in HTML HEADER & ROBOTS section…where the end user (cloud user) can insert the names of the pages to be tracked for conversion…

UPDATE: with the Google Tag Manager on can install tags without the need for hard coding…

Thnx Robert

It will be a great help if you can update this on the Github issue as well. Perhaps we can continue the discussion there.

Thanks for your cooperation.

@becht_robert: We faced the same type of issues when worked on and

We had to tackle it in a hard way, building a custom Frappe starter theme from the scratch as well as adding the Google Tag Manager integration JS there manually.

Hi Thanks for yr reply, but to techy for me…forgot to discuss with Rushabh , I was in Frankfurt and it was great…

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ok…i will robert