Masking Fields with sensitive information

Hi All,
One of our customers is looking to mask some fields in all possible views like Form. tree. List, Kanban, etc. Also, he needs some kind of a boolean/button which is accessible to only a certain role which when clicked should remove the masking.

Is this possible and how?

Check field level permissions: Managing Perm Level in Permission Manager

Thanks but requirement is such that he doesn’t want the fields to be hidden completely but masked like a***** so that the user can see the domain but not the entire email.

you could create a custom field that only copy part of the original field. On both field, you add the logic needed to be displayed or hidden.

Two things here -

  1. Not really encrypted, just hidden so could be easily exported or cracked otherwise using the customize options.
  2. How would I dynamically show/hide columns in List view