Mass deleting unused Items in Stock

Hi! Over the period of a couple of years, our stock inventory has gathered much “dead stock” i.e. stock that has no documents or DocTypes linked to it, and duplicate items (again which are items that were created but have not been used in business; hence no official documentation linked to it). We are thinking of cleaning up the inventory by mass deleting these dead items because it has no other purpose than clogging up our inventory.

It is easy to delete them, however it is going to be a monotonous job to check EVERY single item for linked documents before deleting individual items (when you have 600+ items in your item group). Is there a way to mass delete such items? I tried selecting all of them and deleting them but every so often the operation is halted because there is that one item among the rest that is of value to us (i.e. has linkage to DocTypes). Is there a way to filter out the dead stock from the valuable one?



Currently, mass delete feature is not available out of the box. You can write the server script to delete your data.


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