Mass submit after import

I am starting and testing erpnext.

I was able to import a full year of journal entries successfully.

I did not check to submit after import.

Now they are all in draft mode.

How can I mass submit the journal entries I imported?

Should I delete and re import and check the submit after import box or is there another way?

You can create a task and create a python script that would loop all draft journal entry and call submit method

I saw some one did that to mass submit sales orders.

I’m not comfortable with that as I don’t know python (yet)

Unless you can link me to directions :smile:

If that’s the case you import again ang check submit after

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I ended up in the same situation today.

My Solution:
Export the journal entries with data and import the same file without any changes (Don’t forget to check the “submit after import” this time). Your journal entries will be updated and submitted.
Tip: you could export just one column and import it (makes it a bit faster).