Master->Child->GrandChild DocType

Hello All

I was trying to create a DocType where one of the Child Tables also has a Child table of its own.

Master->Child Table->Child Table(Grandchild)

This does not work for the Grandchild table gets attached to the Master and not the child row it should.
Is there a way to deal with this in any way?

Thanks in advance

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Hi @kemaletdin:

The framework has not this capability right now. Some tries time ago:

IMHO it would be a really interesting feature.


This seems a framework limitation.

We’ve evaluated a bunch of them. Some of the ERP systems open line details as full page (ie not a dialog like Frappe). So these type of ERP systems let you create n-th grand child level records. Each sub-level record have full-page.

When I first see the dialog of the grid detail then I know that this should be the limitation.

I overcome that by creating another doctype and linking in the child doctype.

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Hi @avc & @TurkerTunali

While “Grid in a Grid” describes the functionality in a “scarry” visual way :slightly_smiling_face:
The use-case I was trying to present was much simpler.

The grandchild field does not have to be visible in the Child Table
When one clicks EDIT to open a child table row currently there is no way to have another child table on that form.
I believe all we need is to assign the Child Table’s ROW as the Grandchild Table’s parent
currently it seems that Grandchild Table’s parent is the Main Parent

I hope this makes sense


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