Master data Sync - Delay [ In POS ]

Hi all,

After updated the latest version. I have tried to open the POS it displays this,

And my database having more than 5000 Item Master. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As the message suggests, I would say wait for some time and let the database sync.

@KanchanChauhan Thanks for the reply. Still now it displays as mentioned above.

Hi @sethu,

Any error on console log?
Don’t refresh the page and check how much time is required to load the page. As system syncing the items, customer, pricing rules data it took some time to load the page.

Thanks, Rohit

@rohit_w Thanks for your comments. I have checked the console log there is no error. And it takes approximately 2 - 3 hrs to load the page.

Hi @sethu,

Are you checking on local machine?
Request time out is of 5 to 10 minutes after that system throws request timeout. Kindly refresh the page and check again.

Thanks, Rohit

No we are using in cloud. [quote=“rohit_w, post:6, topic:15610”]
system throws request timeout

No timeout happen. I already refresh the page many time but no use.

Hi @sethu,

Goto dashboard, click on reload button and again goto POS. Open your console log and check any error on console log. Can you provide the approximate numbers of customer, products you have in the system?

Thanks, Rohit

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Hi @rohit_w

Thanks for your instant reply. The error faced by due to custom script in POS. We checked with console log and replaced the source file. Now working properly.

Thanks, Sethu