Master to Master Relaship

Hello Family,
I am trying my hands on church management system with frappe framework, however I am stack.

This is a multi-hierarchy module which I have use the ‘Is Tree’ option to create a doctype. ‘Church Hierarchy’. Now the challenge is how will a member doctype be made accessible to each church hierarchy since they manage their own congregation?

Counting on you for support.


Can you be a bit more specific? I’m not really understanding what you’re trying to do.

Okay. Thank you for the response and sorry for the late reply.
Here is the scenario;

I have a church of this structure: Headquarters, Regional Branches, sub-regional branches and Local Branches. Each local church manages its members but the top level hierarchy but members actions (attendance, tithes, etc) must be aggregated upward to the Headquarters.

How can this be achieved in frappe. Using the tree for the church hierarchy creation is cool. Again, may be I am limited in the implementation, I do not like the idea of making the members child tables in the church doctype.

NB: I would want to implement something like, having multi company structure (global company structure) but each subsidiary manages their own employee and customers at the local but superiors at top hierarchy are able to see subsidiaries activities.

I hope I have explain myself a bit well.

Thank you.

You can almost certainly do what you want. The task here is to translate your organizational descriptions into data-oriented terminology. For example, when you say that member actions “aggregate” up, I’m not sure exactly what that means. Is this, for example, a question of accounting? If so, take a look at accounting dimensions. Is it a matter of who has access to information? Permissions will solve this.

In either case, you can create a tree structure of churches and then create links to those churches in any of your other doctypes.