Matching serialized finished product with the mold used in production

I have situation where i need to match the item with the mold used to manufacture that item.

The product is a “serialized item”. The mold used to produce it is also serialized (there might be a need to backtrack the product from customer back to production day - to the mold). I need the information of which mold was used, which employee produced the product and when it was produced.

I think Job Card is a way to solve this problem. I added a custom field and linked mold to be used. So the operator can select the mold he is using while completing his Job Card.

The confusion arises when the quantity at Work Order is, let’s say, 25. Then the system automatically creates Job Card for 25 pieces. It could be solution if 25 seperatee Job Cards were created automatically. Can this be managed?

Is there anyone else having a similar process or can suggest anything?