Matching the purchase invoice exactly with supplier's

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We have set the smallest fraction for the currency INR to 0.01. This disables auto-rounding.

Few suppliers provide rounded invoice and few doesn’t. So how do we enable rounding at invoice level?

I don’t think there’s a way to enable rounding at the invoice level. However, you can choose whichever setting best fits you and match exactly at the invoice level by entering the small amount creating the discrepancy in the Additional Discount section.

I tried this idea. It suffice most of my needs. But could you please let me know where does it reflect in ledger like for rounding, we have COA Rounded Off.

You can keep disable rounding in settings and depending on the invoice you can uncheck the disable rounding check box inside invoice.

We follow this for some clients as we face the SMS thing. Some supplier use rounding and some doesn’t.

Let me know if this helps. Else I can share the screenshot later tomorrow.

@fkardame For now, how we have implemented is,
For INR, we have set the smallest fraction to 0.00 this enables the rounding and per invoice basis, to disable the rounding, there is a checkbox to do so in Purchase Invoice. But there is no such option is Sales Invoice.

This is an issue particularly for USD and SGD locations as we cannot roundoff in that locations by default. so we have set the smallest fraction to 0.01. Now the Disable round off button in the Purchase Invoice becomes useless, it doesnt disable the round-off even if it is checked.

Also in Purchase Invoice, if we want to round-off the only option is discount and we are not sure where this discounted amount reflects in Chart Of Accounts

Note: Disable Rounded Total in the Global Defaults is unchecked

Yes you’re right. There is no such option in Sales Invoice.

It should disable it but If you don’t check the one in Global Default then this might not work.

I don’t think it reflects anywhere in accounts, unless specified in Company doctype.

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I tried setting up Discount Allowed Account & Discount Received Account still the amount entered in the Additional Discount field doest reflect in the Chart Of Account.

Maybe you didn’t reload the sales/purchase invoice before entering the data.

I just did Ctrl+F5 & even tried from incognito window… Still its not reflecting