Material consumption in Work Order


I am currently facing a couple of issues with work orders and just wanted to see if I was missing anything or if the feature just works differently than I would expect.

Currently the option to consume materials during a work order only appears after I have completed all of the connected operations (I have continuous material consumption allowed). This seems to defeat the purpose of the feature because at this point I could just finish the work order and complete the item with a manufacture stock entry, whereas I would prefer to consume each set of materials as they are being used in each of the operations.

Another problem that I face is that when completing the work order and creating the manufacture stock entry, the items used are filled in from the BOM but do not autofill the serial numbers of the items that I have transferred over for the process. This is despite having Backflush Raw Materials Based On selected as ‘Materials Transferred for Manufacturing’. This can be very time consuming for large work orders and opens up the process to manual errors.

(I am using latest version 13.25.0 and have Transfer Material Against set to ‘Job Card’.)

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