Material conversion and Item

I have an item which undergoes few process
the last process the item undergoes comes in as a final part
for example
part - sm-hd-06-01-prt
wip - sm-hd-06-01-cnc1-wip
wip - sm-hd-06-01-weld-wip
wip - sm-hd-06-01-anodize-wip
here, the last wip comes back to me as final part
the last wip item group is WIP(work in progress)… default warehouse is wip
how do I handle the situation of stock
how do I make the system know that the last wip is the actual part
the last wip stock in should be the stock of the part

Good day,
Have you specified operation setup in your BOM?
Last wip is normally the last operation you have setup.

@krishnanhemanth from what I understand, I think you will have to create BOMs for every single process to track, create and maintain stock entries for each of them.
For example- The first process will have its own BOM and after completion of that process the output from that process will be taken as input for the second process and this process will also need a BOM and so on.