Material Issue & Material Receipt vs. Material Transfer

I need help understanding how Material Issue and Material Receipt work.

Are they the single steps of a Material Transfer?

If so, how does one use them properly?

Can Material Issue be used to send times from one warehouse to another and then the receiving warehouse must use Material Receipt to receive them?

Or do Material Issue and Material Receipt have a different purpose and I am just wrong in my assumption?

I am just not sure of the purpose of the MI & MR choices over the Material Transfer. I am also unclear about how Material Transfer can be used to allow for the verification of materials properly showing up at the target warehouse. There does not appear to be a mechanism for this.


Material issue is to move material out of the warehouse without the need to mention ‘Target Warehouse’ whereas in material transfer you move material between two warehouses and target warehouse is required

Is there a way to use “Material Issue” to send a transfer load to a different warehouse and make the receiving warehouse use “Material Receipt” to document the actual receiving of the materials?

Or is there a way to use the regular Material Transfer (between 2 warehouses) and force the receiving warehouse to accept the materials when they arrive?

I have not been able to figure out how to make the receiving warehouse accept the inbound transfer. The system just seems to assume that the transfer was completed and the items show up in the target warehouse before the actual materials on the transport truck have even left the dock of the source warehouse. This does not leave us a way to hold the trucking company or the receiving warehouse accountable for the the completeness of the transfer.

How does everyone else do this in ERPNext?

We would like to use a our barcode scanners to load the transfer on a truck and then have the target warehouse use their barcode scanner to scan everything received to make sure the load gets there intact. Right now we just do not know how to do this with a Material Transfer.

Any ideas?


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@bkm i guess you can use workflow states to manage the material transferred to different warehouses. Once you make a stock transfer from one warehouse and save the document the state get converted to intransit and once the receiving warehouse actually received they can submit the document.

On the other hand i also like to know about the barcode thing

Well, we already do something similar when we load the sales rep trucks for thier daily routes to their customers. We allow them to load (initiate the Material Transfer) and they Save it when they are done. The MT is then in a state of “Pending” until a “Stock Manager” looks at the transfer and selects “Approve” to allow the items to show up in the truck inventory ( the sales rep trucks are warehouse locations).

The only problem with this scenario for use as a Main Warehouse to Satellite Warehouse location is the Satellite Warehouse does NOT have anyone there with “Stock Manager” role. That is why I was looking for a set of separated steps to make the transfer work better. Essentially I need something that will I can let a “Stock User” role receive at the Satellite location.

Still do not have a good way to do this.


That was actually the easy part for setting up a Material Transfer. All I did was go to the Customize Form (you can get there from the awesome bar) and enter “Stock Entry Detail” as the form to customize.

The Barcode filed is already there in the list but it is just hidden. All I did was uncheck the “hidden” box for that field.

You also have to check more boxes to make it show up in the table on screen.

  • Check the “In List View” box to add it to the table
  • Check the “In Global Search” box to allow the barcode to be used to search for the item.
  • And finally scroll to the bottom of the Barcode field edit screen and assign it at least 2 columns worth of space in the table so it has room to work.

** Note, you have to be aware that the total number of column width elements available to the whole list table is only 10 wide (I think) so make sure the width of the other actual visible table columns do not add up to more than 10.

Confusing… I know. But space is allocated in the table on-screen by a unit of measure called “columns” and it has nothing to do with the actual columns you see on-screen except to provide a unit of measure for the visible column’s width. If that didn’t clear it up for you, then just start playing with the column width number and you will be able to figure it out eventually.

Anyway… when all that is done, you can use a barcode scanner to select the items you are adding to a “Material Transfer”. Just put the cursor in the first barcode field and scan your item. Everything else gets filled in automatically except for the quantity.

I know I posted this somewhere else here on the forum, but I just cannot seem to find it to link here so I just typed it all out again.

Hope this helps you. Now I just need a way to help my warehouse transfers.

It really made life much easier for the sales reps to load their trucks.