Material Issue to Workstation

Is there a mechanism to Issue product from warehouse inventory to a workstation?
I understand that “Material issue” deals with pulling from warehouse for production. If I need material to support operations at a work center, I don’t see that ability. FYI – I’m trying to apply this to a plating company operation where I need chemicals from warehouse to replenish plating tanks. However, I don’t see (other than an email address) if I can issue the material to other than a person.


Well it is one the strengths of ERPNext to do that. If all you want is transfer the raw materials to your plating tanks, and only consume the chemicals once the plating tank needs another batch, you have to treat your plating tanks as a warehouse, or a WIP warehouse.

Solution #1: Treat the material consumption in the past. If as a warehouse you issue a material transfer order from the warehouse to the tanks, then make a material issue for the tanks warehouse for consumption of the chemicals.

Solution #2 (recomended) Treat the material consumption in the future. If you configure the tanks as a WIP, then you work from work orders/job cards. It will create the material transfer request automatically, and once the work order/or job card is finished, it will automatically consume the chemicals. That way you can also create alerts for low chemicals in the future with the work order process.

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