Material Request for Manufacture not being auto-generated

Hello!! I have a sub-assembly item in my Item Master for which I have set the default Material Request type as Manufacture. I assume this means that when my stock quantity falls below the reorder level, ERPNext will automatically generate a Material Request of the type I set (Purchase type if default type is set Purchase, for example).

6 days ago I set out to test this feature by increasing my inventory stock of that item from 0 to 20 and then reducing the stock from 20 to 0 with a reorder level of 6. It’s been 6 days so far and yet, I have seen no Material Request asking me to manufacture the said item when the reorder level has been reached. I even checked the Production Orders list to see if that Item had a production order generated but nothing there as well. Am I not understanding something fundamental here or is my Material Request automatically bugged? Has anyone tried this before? Can anyone suggest a step-by-step method to sucessfully generate a request?

Thanks & Regards,
Aashay Sukhthankar
Bullows Paint Equipment Pvt. Ltd.

Can you check your Stock Settings if you have enabled auto material request?

Hi, Rushabh. I did go to check my Stock Settings but strangely, there is no such option as “Stock Settings” in the Stock Module on our ERP. I read the instructions and followed as they said but I cannot see the “Stock Settings” option in the Setup section of the Stock Module.

I asked my System Manager to check for Stock Settings on his account but even he is unable to locate Stock Settings in the Stock Module. This is very mysterious. The only 3 options available in the Stock module are:-

  • Warehouse
  • UOM
  • Brand

Are they invisible or simply non-existent?