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Hi all

i`v tow issues with material request

1 - i need to allow the system to add the same item multiple times in the same material request !

2- I`v created a report in material request and make some custom fields and make them allow on submit to make them accessible after submission that allows the users to update the status of every single record manually

but when i update the first record it working well but when i try to update any other record rather than the first one it shows me the following error

ID field is required to edit values using Report. Please select the ID field using the Column Picker

Please help me in that

The system allows you to add same item for multiple time

This has been fixed. Please check by pulling latest updates

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thanks @saurabh6790 for your assist

now i can edit the rows normally

but if i added the same item multiple times in material request it shows the same error

sorry about that i`v checked this option in buying settings

Allow Item to be added multiple times in a transaction

and now its working well

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