Material Request in other UOM

System currently restricts the uom to be only stock uom. This creates a problem where stock uom is Kg and the user wants to request for the item in mg…the precision of quantity is only 3 decimals - so any amount in mg converted to kg results in just 0. For eg - I need 30 mg of an item which has stock uom as Kg. 30 mg = 0.000030 Kg. I cannot request this material at all.

Changing the stock uom to mg is not an option. Is there a way to bring uom conversion in Material Requests?

If you transact in such low qty, you should set “mg” as stock uom.
If stock uom is in Kg, even if we add multiple UOM in material request, that will not solve the problem. It will create problem while updating “requested qty” which is maintained in Kg.

Thanks @nabinhait We struck a middle ground to set the uom as gm - so that we can either go too low (mg) or too high(Kg)