Material Request - Issue - Receipt

Want to Material Request for an item X for Material Issue… After Material Issue want to take Material Receipt for Y with Backflush from Material Issue for X

What is the practical use case of this requirement? Could you give some example with real data instead of Item X and Y so that it is easy for someone to see if there exists a solution.

Dear Pawan,

The case scenario is when we want to manufacture without BOM….

Our issue is that if we manufacture say an item - Plastic Gear which has a weight of 10 gms. Say you need raw material - Polypropylene to manufacture the same. If there is a requirement for say 10,000 pcs of gear we will need 100 kgs of raw material. Typically we will not get 10,000 pcs in production due to material loss which keeps varying from lot to lot. So, to take a production without BOM, we currently on RAMCO do a Material Request → Material Issue → Material Receipt (with Backflush). This loads the entire value of issue on to the receipt qty!

Hope that I have explained the problem well !

If there is any way to do manufacturing / Sub Contracting without BOM
a way to load the wastage of raw material on the product during the cycle, it will be of great help !

Thank you

Dear Pawan,

Please let me know if there is any other solution !

You can use Stock Entry with Purpose of “Issue” to issue out waste material after production or adjust finished goods quantity after production to an adjustment warehouse.