Material Request: mixed purchase and transfer?

I’m struggling to implement a new workflow, and I wondered if anyone has advice. Basically, this is an ecommerce company that does a mix of warehousing and just-in-time procurement.

I’d like Shipping managers to be able to issue a Material Request against a series of Sales Orders, and then I’d like to be able to fulfill those Material Requests through a combination of Material Transfer Stock Entries (when the item is in stock) and Purchase Orders (when it isn’t). Right now, I’m able to do one or the other, but not both against the same document.

Any ideas on how to implement this?

Has anyone been able to do something like this effectively?

Is this just not possible? Or am I thinking about it the wrong way?

Did you try the “Get Items from” on Stock Entry and Purchase Order tabs?
So, I do something similar - or maybe you can explain a little more if I have misunderstood.

  1. Set in the Item master the preferred/default Material Request type for an item.
  2. Create from Sales Order a Material Request (mix of both types)
  3. Create a Purchase Order, and pull multiple Material Requests (I have add Default Material Request type field into Purchase Order Item for easy access). Here, I remove those items (Purchase Order Items) which are not default purchase. I do that using a standard report on Purchase Orders.
  4. Then, create Stock Entry and pull Material Request into it - similar to (3) above, I edit the items.

Maybe you are looking for something more automated - is that so?
I think that too should be possible using Custom Scripts on the Purchase Order and Stock Entry forms which removes these items (default material request not matching).


Interesting approach! Thank you so much for the suggestion. I’m away from my development system right now, but I’m eager to test what you’re describing out. More soon!