Material request must have its own purchase order?

I created multiple Material request and created a purchase order that covers all of those material requests separately but the information in the material request is still showing that nothing was ordered and nothing was received although I already received the items in the warehouse.

Is this a bug or something missing from my side?

If the material request isn’t linked to the PO, the status won’t get updated. The same relationship is followed from PO to Invoice/Receipt. If the documents aren’t linked then the status isn’t reflected accurately.

To make sure that the PO and Material Request is linked, you can click on Create > Purchase Order on the material request, or go to Purchase Order and click on Get Items From > Material Request to create a single PO from multiple requests.

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I don’t think this is feasible because we and many other buy in bulk not only for 1 or more material request.

Hoping this will not be the case in V13