Material Request -> Purchase Order: Does not assign my Item Price for Purchase

When I create a Sales Order → Material Request

ERPNext uses my Standard Selling Price List. Which is fine. But when the Material Request converts into a Purchase Order, it should default to my Standard Buying Price List but instead keeps on showing me the price entered during Sales Order.

If I manually set the Items in the Purchase Order, it works fine. The problem is when I extract the item list from Material Request.

Has some one tried this out?

I am also experiencing this issue. When I create a purchase order from a material request I would expect the price to be the standard buying…instead it shows the standard selling price. This is a new bug in the last few months and I have to manually override the prices on the PO.

Is there a solution?

Same here, I have both prices in the Price List Selling/Buying but for some reason pulls selling prices when I create a purchase order from Material Request.

Defenately a bug, I tried on latest V11 on a fresh install and still pulls Selling Price when creating a Material Request from a Sales Order.

Still u guys facing this issue, i am also facing the same. Any solutions

I am facing this issue, Has anybody found a solution why this is happening?

No solution but new issue is open