Material Request Question

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Its possible to achieve my example want is assign person to diffrent company only a requester of material and request for approval to purchase

User 1 is the Purchasing can view the request of both company and manage the purchasing process

Company 1 user requester is can only view what he request and same to the Company 2 user

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I think user permission and role permission in ERPNext will help you to get your purpose. Please check the below links.

i will sir try thank for the info

I already read the documentation but still can achieve my settings i want…
I create Material Requester Role and Material Approver…

But dont know how to set the user1 is only view is the one he request and user2 is view only he request… but the approver view both request…

You will have to do this setting in Role Permissions Manager. For Material Requester Role, select the “Only if Creator” checkbox.

This will ensure that the user will only see the material requests that he has created.

Hope this helps!