Material Request Required By Date vs Purchase Order Expected Date

I wanted to open up a discussion about the difference between the Required By Date (schedule_date) on the Material Request Item and Purchase Order Item.

With a material request, the concept of a required by date makes sense. You say you need a certain amount of a material by a certain date. I think a purchase order is a bit different though. With a purchase order, you don’t particularly care about when you need the item, you care about when that supplier is going to supply it (hopefully before your required date, but not necessarily). As well, this date may change after the Purchase Order is submitted.

I would propose changing the label on schedule_date in Purchase Order Item from “Reqd By Date” to “Expected Delivery Date”, and make it editable after submission. This will allow users to keep track of when they expect to receive the items even after submitting their PO. It also takes a field that is relatively useless right now and gives it more meaning.

I can make these changes - I just wanted to get feedback from the community on whether this would negatively affect them in some way or if it’s something they support.

If you have to measure Supplier Performance over a period of time, you would need a comparison between scheduled date and the actual delivery date. In many cases this might differ and if both fields are available and linked to the PO it would be helpful in reporting.This is just a thought, in case you are making changes you could think of this too. Currently I think this would have to be tracked through the receipt, maybe a read only field on PO would make reporting easier.