Material request without warehouse

Is it possible to create material request without specifying a warehouse or create stock entry for a particular request with different warehouse.?
My case is, when the user wants to request some item, he didn’t know from which warehouse the item will be drawn. Can I disable the check for warehouse when create stock entry from material request.
Is there any side effect by doing that?
Thank you in advance

Its allow you to create Material Request without entering warehouse details only default warehouse is not mentioned in your item master

Hope it works

HarshaL Nirmal

Thank you for your replies, I’ll try it out and will post back the result
Thank you again

your wc

Harshal Nirmal

It seems like the warehouse is mandatory.
It will get from stock setting if the item master does not have one.
If I remove also from stock setting, it will give error saying that warehouse is mandatory.
What comes into my mind was when the warehouse manager create a stock entry and decide to full fill the requirement from his other warehouse, the system will not allow me.
I have done some experiment disabling the warehouse checking in the stock entry (modify the core, since cannot find a way of doing it by custom script) , but worry if it will create some tracking fail.
I have not found any trouble so far.
Anybody experience with similar case? please advice.