Material Request workflow status

Hi everyone,

I have created a workflow for material request but status is not showing in the document but it is showing in the list of material request. Should I need to make any settings.

Here are my attachments below

Perhaps you need to create a Workflow State Field (custom field) that represents the Workflow State of the transaction.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for your reply.

This field got created automatically when I create this workflow. But still the status is not updating in the document.

Please help me on this.

Which status? Check Workflow State instead. It shows the current status of the workflow.
Also this will appear at title section. If not check your browser’s console for error details.


Yes exactly I want this wokflow status to show on the document as like your screen shot.

But in the browser console there is no error as of now.

Can you please share your material request workflow.

Have you checked following field in a workflow?

Open any Material Request Form, Save it again and check. Also, check action button is visible or not.


This check box is unchecked in the workflow form and also I am able to see Action button on the material request form.

Basically it is changing the status in list view but not in the current document.