Material Request

I am a bit confused with the automatic material request report

Against each item we have added Re-order level and Re-order quantity

When projected stock is less than the re-order level then a material request is created.

That is good - BUT when there are lots of products that fall below the re-order level then they all appear on the material request report. This report only allows us to purchase all products at the same time which is no good. There is no way to just select the products we want to order at that time. And of course these could come from different suppliers


Can I keep the reorder level and re-order quantity. Switch off the automatic material request production (how?). then have a report that I can click at any time just showing products with projected quantity less than the re-order level (but also showing the reorder qty / level)

See Stock Settings. Via Stock > Setup

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Sorry for the late reply (Been on a nice holiday :grinning:)

OK, so I can switch off the automatic material request. Brilliant. But how can I produce a manual report of all stock items projected quantity at or below the reorder level?