Material Transfer after Purchase order

In our case Material requesting person don’t know about warehouse stock availability. so after getting the material request centralized Purchasing department want to make that MR to material transfer ( if stock available in store ) or purchasing order ( if stock not available in the ware house ). how can i do this?

Before creating Material Transfer, you should check if Stock is available in any other warehouse. If yes, you can create Material Transfer entry, and select that Warehouse as a Source Warehouse. If stock is not available in any warehouse, then create a Purchase Order for an item.

Dear @umair Thanks for your reply.
is there any option to change Material transfer after material request ?

Change Material Transfer?

Material Request has option to create Material Transfer. If needed, you can cancel and amend Material Transfer.

@umair if there is only 1 item then we can do it. but if there are more than 2 items then how we select few items in the Purchase order list and amend it as Material Transfer ?

Following is how you can fetch only specific items in the succeeding transactions.

Dear @umair Your solution is to select few items to make Purchase order. But i want to select few items from purchase order list and want to amend those few items only as Transfer Materials.
EX - if i get material request (To Purchase ) for 5 items. 2 items may available in warehouse then i want to select those 2 items and want to change it as Material transfer. In the end there should be 3 items for Purchase and 2 items for Transfer in the same Material request.

Do you had any success with this issue?

I’m needing to select items for “Purchase Order” and remaing for “Material Transfer”, but the Material Request type cannot be change after submit.