Material Transfer Deletes Basic Rate

Hi all,

I am hoping someone can help me figure out why the Basic Rate keeps deleting when I try to save a Material Transfer. We received 104 units from our manufacturer, but 24 units arrived damaged and were sent back for repainting. I created a Purchase Receipt accepting 80 units and sending 24 to the “Rejected Warehouse” which is our manufacturer’s warehouse. On the item’s page, it shows the 24 is in said Rejected Warehouse. When we received the units back, I created a Material Transfer to add the 24 units from the reject warehouse to our “Inventory Warehouse.” However, after checking the Stock Ledger, I noticed the item’s valuation was set to zero. Now when I try to add the Basic Rate on the Material Transfer, it deletes the Basic Rate every time I save the document.

Should I have never sent the units to the “Rejected Warehouse?”

Do not invalidate the order and create the rejected refunds

you are using 2 different terms here Basic Rate & valuation. which one is effected?
I believe “rate” refers either to the actual price u pay to your supplier or receive from a customer while the “Valuation Rate” is the amount which u value existing stock of that item to be worth while it is still in storage/in production.