Material Transfer for Manufacture stock entry against work order

i came cross a case here, a product with multi-level BOM, each level BOM manufacturing at different place, when create a work order for the product, stock entry of “Material Transfer for Manufacture” includes all levels of materials, there are from different source WHs and target WHs, different employee to make those transfers, how should i configure this process, right now i only see one stock entry includes all materials, and i have to manually change source and target WHs, i hope i can have multiple stock entres according to BOM levels? can it be done?

one job card with come with one stock entry would be better, let’s take making torch a sample, the body of the torch made in injection workshop or CNC workshop, PCB made in a SMT workshop, assemble all parts to torch at assemble workshop, package in a package workshop, if i create torch work order, it will be one stock entry for all workshops, so it does not fit. does anybody here have good solution for my case?

Hello everyone, is there a solution for my case? i think this is common case for most of factory with many different workstations