Material transfer ("Not in Stock") bug?

Using the demo system:

  1. I created a sales order with an item that has a bill of material that will be manufactured.
  2. Using the production planning tool
    a) I pulled the sales order to create a production order and
    b) create the material request needed.
  3. I opened the production order to
    a) submit it and
    b) clicked on “Transfer Material for Manufacture”. This created this stock entry: . This shows me that I don’t have the items in stock to transfer and checking the stock balance it is correct. Note the transfer to and from warehouse. “Raw Materials Stock EM - WP” → “Work in Progress EM - WP”
  4. Went to each material request
    a) to create a purchase order
    b) receive each item
  5. checked stock balance and the items are in deed have enough stock for my transfer in the correct warehouse (Raw Material Stock EM - WP).

Now when I go back to the Stock Entry “Transfer Material for Manufacture” the “Not in Stock” is still there. Going into the individual items I scrolled down to the “Actual Qty (at source/target)” it still says “0”. I tried to click on “update rate and availability” but that doesn’t seem to help.

If I am to create a new stock entry to do transfer of material the stock level is correct. Is this a bug? Or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks for the help. Please check the stock entry to see the problem.

I tried to do a stock entry of Manufacture as well and I get the same problem. The stock quantity is not being updated. Please let me know if there is a work around.


@Nathan seems like you do not have any goods in the warehouse Raw Material Stock EM - WP
Do a stock entry of type ‘Material Receipt’ and make sure to set the target warehouse as Raw Material Stock EM - WP

Let me know if this helps.

@neilLasrado Am I looking at something different? My balance qty says I do right?

@Nathan I just checked into it. The issue is because there is no stock in the warehouse on the posting date you selected in the Stock Entry of type Material Transfer For manufacturing. You did a material receipt at a later date. Just change the Posting Date in the Stock Entry and things must work fine.