Material Transfer Within Same Warehouse is not happening

I made a Sub-Contracting Purchase Order. After that i did Sub-Contracting Order. Then during next step of material transfer, its not happening as it says material transfer of same warehouse is not possible.
We purchase the material and send it directly to Vendor Warehouse. So, is there a way to do material transfer as this is the required step in sub-contracting PO, other wise inventries doesn’t get match.

You can create a separate vendor warehouse where the material can be transferred for subcontracting.

This is recommended as per the documentation as well.

You cannot do a material transfer within the same warehouse.

I have created a seperate vendor ware house, but we purchase and directly send the material to the supplier.
So is there any way to transfer material while making a subcontracting PO

Nope. It’s like debit and credit to same account. Nullifies everything and you are back to same value as before the transaction. Make another warehouse with slightly different name.