Chat Protocol

Recently, the protocoal has graduated into stable. I use it extensively, as for frappe, it would make an excellent choice to double as a fully compliant matrix server implementation. After all it’s a truely federated protocol.

Notably, recently german and french military habe adoptes it for their internal chat based intercom.


We have been using Matrix (Synapse homeserver) self-hosted backend, and Element-web front end for several years for our nonprofit. It is wonderful. It would be terrific if there was information on how to integrate the matrix into ERPNext! Anyone given it a shot? Have any success?

What do you mean by integrating?

I think you can use as notification channel, like slack:

good luck!

I was hoping more like the website chat embedded. It appears there was a built-in web chat in ERPNext 12? But not in ERPNext 13. So was wondering if anyone had instead just embedded using the matrix instead? I’ll look into the noification options, but that isn’t really the robust chatting we were looking for. Thanks for any further suggestions.

Chat was moved out to its own repository:

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Has this evolved in any way? I’d love to see this working.

I’ve installed the Chat app on my environment and will try to begin roughly developing a bridge using webhooks, but since I’m not a developer, it will be very primitive and rudimentary. Implementing voice messages for example is something that I do not even know how to approach.

I’d be glad to help if anyone is up to developing this.

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