Mautic installation on same ERPNext Ubuntu Installation

Hi all,
i want to have on the same VM with Ubuntu, ERPNEXT and Mautic.
The ERPNEXT run correctly and i have installed also the Mautic add-on on ERPNEXT.
Do yuo know if is possible install Mautic on the same VM ?
I tried to do the installation, following a tutorial, but then I do not know how to launch Mautic via a web interface.
Has anyone ever tried to do such an installation?

I do not think it’s recommended nor a good idea to run other services on the same server. And neither this is necessarry I believe. Using Containers (LXD or docker) makes it to separete services on the same physical or virtual machine.

However if you have a running ERPNext on a baremetal or VM the question would be whether you can run something like LXD on that same machine with the ERPNext installation.
I guess the best setup would have been (maybe too late for your usecase) to run inside a container from the beginning. Then there wouldn’t be an issue with conflicting applications whatsoever

They can work well on the same server. (I already use it for 2 years.)