Max File Size supported by Frappe drive

what is the size of file which can be uploaded in the frappe drive. Is there any setting to limit it?

@baljit sorry :smiley: i don’t have answer for you, but i have question you for you
are you using Frappe Drive with ERPNext version-14 ?
drive work smooth with version-14?

@baljit ,
The file size limit in ERPNext is 10 MB by default. However, if you are using Version 15, you have the option to customize this limit through the System Settings.

I am using drive with following versions:
frappe 14.55.0 version-14
erpnext 14.53.0 version-14

It seems to work fine till now.

I am able to upload 38mb video in drive.

You can also set max file size in version 14 system settings.

@baljit can you provide me the command for installing drive in ERPNext version 14

Github commands not working for me

thank you

I used the commands from Frappe drive
After running get-app command you can also run

bench setup requirements 

If it does not work update to the latest version of 14(it might help)