Max item discount not working?

My item has 5% of max discount

And I gave 10% of discount on Quotation for the same item and saved the document without any error

Why Quotation is not validating my quotation discount with max item discount?

Any help?

Ok, I will try to help here…

There is a process whereby you can discount a single line item in POS or a sales invoice. The amount you are allowed to discount is controlled by the percent number you entered into the Item itself. This is the “per item discount” control.

The screenshot you supplied was adding “Additional Discount” to a sales invoice total. Any discount placed here is IN ADDITION TO any separate Item discounts on line items.

I think there is a way to limit this “Additional Discount” function but I do not recall where it is located right now. Try a search in the forum on Additional Discount to see if any clues pop up.

Hope this helps…


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Thank you very much!