Maximum Fields creation in one doctype


In one customize form, maximum how many fields can be created new? Currently, I have a total of 279 fields but new fields are not able to create. So what is the reason for it and how it can be solved? Otherwise, what can be alternate way of doing it

Thanks in advance

Hello, In my Item DocType there are 300+ fields and I am able to add more fields as well. What error It’s throwing while you try to create new field ? Please share some screenshots.

In doctype, I have not created it in doctype, I am using Customize Form to add new fields and facing this error. I am attaching the error which I am getting.

I came up against this limit a few weeks ago. Here’s some info regarding the database limits

This I know it, then also I have to create it. So what can I do?

Make your form smaller, or optimize the data types you’re using. The link above has suggestions.

I solved my issues by creating child table doctypes and using those inside the form that was throwing me those errors.