Maximum number of transactions in the database

Hey guys,

Doing some research, our system is going to have quite a bit of transactions. I’m looking at a total of at least 50,000 per year.

Breakdown of transactions:
Production Orders: 3700
Stock Entries: 7390
Time Logs: 4160
Delivery Note: 520
Stock Transfers: 6820
Batch Entries: 3700
Sales Orders: 2600
Purchase Orders: 1300
Quotations: 1040
Supplier Quotations: 520
Journal Entries: 3900
Attendance: 10400
Packing List: 2600
Purchase Receipts: 1300
Support Tickets: 60
BOMS: 400
Total: 50410

In addition to these transactions, there are also 15,000 item files. My question is can the system handle this many transactions?

Yes, I know some users who have more than 50000 records / year. And we are consistently optimising the reports for better speed.